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Tips on searching:
You can enter one or more keywords. The individual keywords are usually linked with "AND." This means that every word must be part of the product name to be found.
For example, if you are looking for a service plate in the pattern Alta, enter the keywords "Alta" and "service plate."
Then all articles are shown for which the description contains the term "Alta" and the term "service plate."
You can also work with "OR." Simply type in "OR" between the keywords.
For example, if there is more than one designation for one article, you could enter "cream pitcher OR creamer" to find all of the creamers.
Think of any variations is spelling or abbreviations (24-pc).
Enter the keywords in the singular form; if you enter "fork," "forks" will also be found.
Try using parts of a term.
If you are looking for the entire selection of a pattern, e.g. Como, enter only "Como."
Capitalisation is irrelevant.

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